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Employment & Recruitment Industry Facts

The temping industry may be know by many different terms, however it is notorious for poor service and a quick sales mentality. According to The Australian Financial Review (Aug 2018) Australia’s recruitment industry is worth $9 billion dollars, consists of almost 8,000 enterprises and employs 95,000 people.

As an industry professionals, Staffing recognise that a commitment to hard work and reliability can never waiver and our services need to be tailored to your business' requirements and culture. We undertake regular service surveys - evaluating our delivery of temp receptionist, receptionist workers and temp secretary services - of our Adelaide based candidates and clients to ensure that not only are we performing above stakeholder expectations, but also sustainable and profitable improvements in our results.

Staffing has built a reputation for great recruitment agency service and fantastic talent, the envy of many of our competitors. Call us on (08) 7078 8712 to discover how we can help turn your temping problem into a temp receptionist solution!

Here at 6 we are always seeking to improve our recruitment agency service delivery to Enterprises and candidates alike. We invest heavily in being at the forefront of the recruitment agency industry in 1, and keeping track of the latest online industry news. Although we can't guarantee we can secure you the perfect 81 role we hope the the industry facts and articles were of benefit in your search for the perfect 2 or research… research… research…

do your homework thoroughly about yourself, the marketplace and industries, target employers, roles and even learn all you can about who you are addressing your resume to. ideally for every job you apply you spend at least two hours of research. if you are short-listed for an interview, make your research even more thorough. start with the organization website and any press – good and bad – before you deep dive into identifying via linkedin or facebook someone who works or has worked at the organization (for major corporates anyway). try to understand what the organisation is trying to achieve and the kind of talent they are trying to attract.

role. At 6 you are one click away from a recruiting solution or maybe your dream job. Whether you are an employer or job seeker our experienced 1 team can help you. Why not Register For Work or contact us today to discover more about our temp receptionist, staffing, sa, 4538, receptionist vacancies temp adelaide or receptionist vacancies temp new south sales solutions.

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